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Such a tiny region, yet so much to celebrate.

Hidden away in the hills on the southern rim of the great Australian continent, the Barossa region has its own unique climate and is world famous for its great reds. The valley has great wine making history going back to 1842 – something we celebrate from the very heart of it every day.

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One of the
world's great
red wine regions

Tucked away in the hinterland of South Australia, between a great Southern Ocean and an endless ‘outback’ desert, the Barossa is blessed with a Mediterranean micro-climate and ancient soils that produce some of the world’s greatest red wines.

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Ancient soils


The 200 million-year-old soils of the Barossa are among the most ancient on Earth. Their rich mineral content and low to moderate fertility restricts vine vigour and contributes to small yields of exceptional quality fruit and flavours that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth.

Sun kissed valley

Sun kissed

Though located in the hills of a faraway land at the bottom of the world, the Barossa is blessed with its own Mediterranean micro-climate that comes with more sunshine hours and less humidity than either of the world’s other great red wine regions, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Such warm, dry climatic conditions, combined with the acidic, mineral richness of the Barossa’s ancient soils, contribute to low yields of tiny but flavour-intense fruit.

Introducing wines

the wines
that made the
barossa great

At Barossa Valley Estate, we have always made the wines that made the region great – Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre. To our absolute delight we also discovered that the unique soils and seasons of our elevated Estate in the heart of the Barossa also produce a rich, full-bodied, Bordeaux-style Malbec.

Welcome to Barossa Valley Estate

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