A depth of flavour just below the surface.

When a grape is small in size like those found in the Barossa Valley, it holds an enormous amount of flavour. This is because there is less juice to marry with a depth of flavour that lies just beneath the skin of the grape.

Our philosophy, and indeed passion, is to capture the distinctive elegance, finesse and vibrant flavours of the Barossa Valley that comes from within every grape.

If time teaches us anything, it’s when to pick the right moments.

Capturing flavour is about picking the right moments. This starts from the crucial moment we decide to pick the grapes to ensure they have fresh varietal character.

In the winery, possibly the biggest decisions we make are when to start and when to stop. Each parcel of fruit will be different. Decisions need to be made quickly and skilfully. We need to ensure we retain the fruit’s fresh, elegant varietal characters.

Barrels don’t contain wine; they bring out its best.

After fermentation our wines are still in their youth; playful and primary. Barrels are an environment for the flavours and textures to seamlessly come together. Here chemistry is a literal and figurative concept. The barrel softens the wine and adds a seductive texture, while flavour is enhanced and new flavours emerge. Deciding how long the wine will spend here is important.

Aging the wine isn’t about making it old. Because the final moment is the most important – when it’s in your glass. Here the wine will be fragrant, vibrant, alluring and capturing the unique character of the Barossa Valley.